BIZARRE ISLAMIC STATE PHOTOS: Show How These Jihadists Spend Their ‘Down Time’

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 10.47.57 AMTheir efforts to try to humanize themselves are weak.

Islamic State has released a bizarre series of pictures showing extremists taking time off from their bloodthirsty jihad to go fishing, boat building and diving in the Euphrates River.

Photographs of the surreal scenes show them posing by the water’s edge with fish, grinning proudly while they hold up their catch.

Some are seen still carrying their automatic machine guns, while others are dressed in camouflage fatigues and their faces remain concealed.

More photographs in the series show a jihadi awkwardly holding a fishing rod as he winds in his line with a fish hanging off its hook.

Another shows two men grinning for the camera while posing in wetsuits and diving equipment, and later images show the preparation of the jihadis’ catch of the day over a hot grill.

The photographs are likely to have been released by its media arm to portray the group’s self-declared caliphate as not completely absent of some relaxing leisure time.

In this instance, the pictures will likely be to show potential recruits abroad that the jihadis manage to have fun.

Another series of images show a man constructing a wooden boat. Using a plane, hammer and nails, and other hand power tools, the boat is constructed piece by piece and painted before being set afloat on a waterway.

But the idea of a bit of rest and relaxation doesn’t appear to sit well with Ahrar ash-Sham, one of ISIS’s many opponents.

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