‘BLACK, ARMED, AND CONSERVATIVE’: Bad A** Chick Takes on Those Who Told Her She Shouldn’t Carry a Gun [VIDEO]

Antonia Okafor is AWESOME! We need more women like her who realize what’s right and take a stand. Stay tuned for more from this bright woman.

By Antonia Okafor@antonia_okafor

A millennial, a woman, and a black person walk into a gun shop…

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What’s your first reaction?

“What in God’s name are these poor , lost souls doing there?”

I assure you. I am none of those things.

But being a young, black woman who empowers myself with a firearm. is no joking matter. No, in fact, its one worth writing about. Why? Because the demographics of gun owners in America is changing—and quickly.

This election, us “Second Amendment types” will hear a lot of visceral speech from a particular candidate. Words such as “Racist” or Sexist”.

Cue, “Black, Armed, and Conservative.”

What started out as a future mixtape cover, just for grins, has become a full fledged opinion column, set to debut today during the Red State Gathering in Denver, Colorado.

With “Black, Armed, and Conservative”, expect to hear something that you won’t hear from our, always honest Democratic presidential nominee or the media at large, ‘Black America’, but generally, minorities in general, are sick of the twisted perception that they are victims. When what we have seen in history, including modern history, that regardless of your race, gender, or sexual orientation, one’s right to self-defense, one’s right to the individual right to bear arms is not a Democrat, Republican or Libertarian thing. It’s an American thing. Period.


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