Black Gang Targets White Store Employees and Elderly Man in Vicious Attack [VIDEO]

Where are the race baiters now? Jesse? Al? Holder? Obama? Why so silent?

On Sunday, Western Journalism posted the shocking video of a violent, unprovoked attack by a marauding mob of black thugs who appeared to randomly target white victims in a grocery store parking lot. Police say that three people were beaten — two knocked unconscious — when dozens, if not hundreds, of teens stormed the parking lot of a Kroger store in Memphis, TN.

Our post pointed out that initial coverage of the assault by local media largely failed to identify the ethnicity of either the black attackers or their white victims. Memphis-area media coverage that we reviewed also failed to note that the shouts heard as the assaults took place — the assailants’ chant of “fam mob” — apparently referred to an emerging gang in the southwest Tennessee city.


Experts say that Memphis has become a hub for gang activity in the South, with more than 180 different gangs operating in Shelby County. One of those lesser gangs is reportedly known as the “fam mob.”

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The gang situation in Memphis is so bad that in 2012 22 members of the Memphis Police Department were arrested for being gang members.


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