BLACK LIVES KIND OF MATTER: NAACP Refuses to Help Black Man, Aspiring Cop, Over Bogus Gun Charge

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Because he wasn’t shot by a police officer, and yet wants to become one, the NAACP has refused their services to this  young man.

Steffon Josie-Davis is a responsible gun owner who wanted to be a police officer. He used to work as an armored guard for armed service company Loomis. When his little sister was playing in the garage where his gun was accessible, Josey-Davis put it inside the glove box of a locked vehicle. Josey-Davis then drove that car before accidentally failing to take the firearm out of the vehicle. His handgun is legally registered in the state of New Jersey.

Hello, My name is Steffon Josey-Davis I’m a 24 year old from New Jersey who became a convicted felon for a legally owned firearm. As an armored Guard for Loomis, As a Armed service company who transported U.S & foreign currency to banks and service ATM’s. I was also on the road to a successful career with my township police department. 

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One Morning on September 20th 2013. I was preparing myself for work, grabbing my firearm out of my safe, bulletproof vest, Making my way to the garage. While in the process of disarming my firearm. My little sister came into the garage. To aviod any accidents, I put the firearm in the glove compartment moments after putting my bulletproof vest on the passanger seat. After securing my firearm, I took my sister upstairs to put her back in bed. Losing track of time, I noticed I was running late, grabbed my keys and continued to leave my house that morning for work. Not realizing my firearm was still in the glove compartment.

When I left out of the house that morning I was later pulled over in my vehicle. During my traffic stop, I notified the officers who I was, Who I worked for and I had my Legally owned firearm in my glove compartment. 

The officers took my fire arm and let me go, When I went to claim my fire arm from the police department they arrested me and charged me with unlawful possession of a firearm I legally owned.

I was facing 10 years in prison for a simple technicality. I am now a convicted felon.  

“It’s ruined my life basically. Through this whole ordeal I lost everything, my job, my career,” Josey-Davis said during a recent interview on Fox and Friends.

“I went to the NAACP and they refused to help me and they say black lives matter, but obviously they really don’t because I didn’t fit their agenda. And it’s not fair because my life matters too ya know? Being convicted of a felony is not right and they should be able to help me.”

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