Black Panther Trailer, ‘World is Changing… Soon There will be the Conquered and the Conquerors’

Marvel’s newest flick Black Panther just dropped their trailer during the NBA Game 4 finals.

The sneak peak has a clear statement, it’s everything black.

But is there a hidden message in the trailer?

Clearly we all know that the real Black Panthers is an organization that takes violent action to gain the rights of black people in America.

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So when the movie trailer makes statements like “The world is changing. Soon there will only be the conquered and the conquerers …” and “it’s hard for a good man to be king,” it makes one wonder.

What are the subliminal messages here?

World domination certainly comes to mind.


Here is what Angela Helm from TheRoot had to say:

‘Black Panther’ is assuredly a movie of its time and errrrybody—womanists, Africans, geeks, action-film junkies, families—is waiting with bated breath.

We predict pure box office domination (everyone will have to see the film at least twice – once in a black neighborhood to catch the loud-ass retorts in the theater, and once in a white neighborhood so you can hear and be the loud one); we also predict that folks will be lined up around the block starting in September (film drops February) to watch a black superhero save the world.

It’s Panther time, y’all!

Here is how twitter is responding to the trailer:

What are your thoughts on this?

Much-to-do-about-nothing or everything to do with all of the race tension?




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