BLACK TEEN THUGS: Threaten to Beat Teacher With Chair in Classroom [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 9.42.02 AMFreakin’ animals. This teacher should have called the police.

Frightening footage has emerged of a group of American high school students subjecting a despondent teacher to a barrage of abuse and intimidation inside the classroom.

In the short clip, an out-of-control student can been seen throwing things at her, telling her to ‘sit your a** down’ and threatening her with a chair.

While he continues to provoke the teacher, others in the room laugh and encourage him.  

Having lost control of the classroom, the teacher can do little to stop them – but remains calm in the face of their terrifying behavior.

It appears as though the footage was filmed on a cellphone by one of the students present. The Grio reported that the incident took place at Chicago Vocational Career Academy.

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