Black Trump Supporter Demolishes Maxine Waters — “You Have Destroyed the Black Community!”

If a white person comes at Maxine Waters, you know the first thing she will do is pull the race card.

So, what card does she pull when black people start coming at her? Looks like all she can do is listen and make excuses.

A black Trump supporter went all out on the Congresswoman, calling her a “black racist” and saying she “destroyed the black community by giving the jobs to illegal immigrants.”

She started out screaming into a megaphone:

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“People are tired with your hate and your racism! All the jobs went to illegals! You have destroyed the black community! You are a black racist! You hate blacks! All the jobs went to illegals! You gave our jobs to illegals! We want you out!”

She proclaimed for all to hear: “Maxine Waters destroyed the black community!”

Hear that, Waters?

“She’s gotta go! She’s paid taxpayer money to discriminate against American citizens, and we’re not going to have it! She’s been in office too long doing NOTHING! She lied to the black community saying she was going to bring us jobs. She gave those jobs to illegal criminals! We want her out! She’s been in office for too long! She’s already showing signs of dementia! She’s a hater!”

A journalist on scene said that Trump supporters had yellow “I.D. bracelets” so they could be easily identified.

Are you with this woman one hundred percent? Because we are!


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