BLACK TRUMP VOTER: ‘He LOVES America, He Loves ALL People’ [WATCH]

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-10-26-44-amYou know you’re doing something right in your campaign when people are talking like this. MSNBC spoke with a family of black Trump supporters in Charlotte, North Carolina. And their statements didn’t go unnoticed. Trump tweeted the video to his 12.8 million followers, letting everyone know he appreciated all the feedback and support. What they had to say is the truth. Pass this on so everyone can hear it.

“My word to all black Americans, one thing I would like to say: Let’s not be deceived,” a woman named Gloria told MSNBC.

“Look at the record. Look at the promises that have been made over the past from the Democratic party. We’re not voting for a party, we’re voting for a man who has been standing by all citiz… He loves America. We need somebody that loves America. And he also loves all people, all people. And there’s that perception out there that he has no black supporters. WRONG! He does.”

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