‘Black virgin’ gang-raped at 13 ordered to be killed for daring to fight for justice against attackers in Pakistan

kainatThe brave fight of a gang-rape victim shunned by her rural Pakistani village for accusing her alleged attackers is now the subject of a heartbreaking documentary.

Kainat Soomro was labelled a ‘kari’, or ‘black virgin’, and her own family ordered to kill her in order to rid themselves of shame after she said she was attacked by four men as a 13-year-old in 2007.

But the teenager’s relatives refused to turn their back on Kainat, and vowed to support her as she took the extraordinary step of fighting for justice in defiance of moral laws that have been in place in Pakistan for centuries.

The years that have passed since Kainat’s nightmare ordeal have proved no less difficult, with her family forced out of their village, Dadu, amid threats of violence and murder.

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Her father and one of her brothers were beaten, while an older brother disappeared for three months before being found murdered.

Kainat’s pursuit of the case through a legal system which places the burden of proof on the victim ended with her alleged attackers being



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