#BlackLivesMatter–Pro Cop Killing Org.–Takes the Stage at DNC

This is a literal slap in the face to any cop who has ever served in this nation. Any organization who supports, quietly or publicly, cop killings is a terror org.

The mothers of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner and Jordan Davis and more have delivered one of the most powerful speeches at the Democratic convention.

The grieving parents walked on stage together as Mothers of the Movement – a group who have been campaigning against gun violence and racism at the hands of police since the deaths of their children.

They all urged voters to back Hillary Clinton, as she ‘isn’t afraid to say Black Lives Matter’.

Tony Goldwyn, who plays President Grant in the ABC hit series Scandal and works with the Innocence Project, introduced the six women to the stage.

Their remarks brought the crowd at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia to a standstill.

Geneva Reed-Vead, the mother of 28-year-old Sandra Bland, said: ‘Exactly one year ago yesterday, I lived the worst nightmare anyone could imagine. I watched as my daughter, Sandra Bland, was lowered into the ground in a coffin.

‘I’m here with Hillary Clinton because she is a leader and a mother who will say our children’s names.

‘Hillary knows that when a young black life is cut short, it’s not just a personal loss. It is a national loss. It is a loss that diminishes all of us.

‘What a blessing to here tonight, so that Sandy can still speak through her mama.

‘And what a blessing it is for all of us that we have the opportunity—if we seize it—to cast our votes for a president who will help lead us down the path toward restoration and change.’

Lucia McBeth, the mother of Jordan Davies – a 17-year-old black boy who was shot by a white man for playing his music too loud – then took the microphone and said: ‘You don’t stop being a mother when your child dies.

‘His life ended when he was shot for playing live music, but my job didn’t.

‘Here’s what you don’t know about my son. He wouldn;t eat a popsicle if he didn’t have enoigh to bring out to his friends.

I lived in fear that my son would die like this/

I even warned him that because he was a young black he would meet people who would value him or his life.

‘Hillary Clinton isn’t afraid to say Black Lives Matter. She doesn’t build walls around her heart.

‘We are going to keep telling our children stories and we are urging you to say their names.

‘The majority of police officers are good people doing a good job.’

Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin, then told the audience she was an unwilling participant in the campaign – but was there to help more people like her son.

‘I am here today for my son, Trayvon Martin, who is in heaven. And for my other son who is still here on earth. I didn’t want this spotlight. But will I do everything I can to focus some of that light on a path out of this darkness.

‘Hillary Clinton has the compassion to comfort a grieving mother. She has the courage to lead the fight for common sense gun legislation. And she has a plan to repair the divide that so often exists between law enforcement and the communities they serve.’

Introducing them to the stage, Goldwyn said: ‘I am proud tonight to introduce a group of women profoundly impacted by injustice and violence, who have turned their pain into power and their outrage into action. They are the Mothers of the Movement.


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