#BLACKLIVESMATTER PROTEST AGAIN: After Cop Shot ‘Documented Gang Member’ in Chicago

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.50.42 AMThe man was climbing a fence when shot. Protesters claim he was shot in the air and cops claim he was pointing a gun at them. What are your thoughts on this?

An eyewitness to the death of a teenager in Chicago who was killed by a cop said the boy was trying to jump a fence when he was shot dead.

‘They shot him in the air,’ the unidentified woman, who said she did not want to be identified for fear of police backlash, told the Chicago Tribune.

‘His pants leg got caught on the fence and he hit the ground. If he hadn’t gotten shot, he would have cleared the fence.’

A law enforcement source confirmed the account, saying the boy’s clothing had become caught in the fence.

Pierre Loury died on Tuesday as a result of a gun shot wound to the chest. He was 16 years old.

Chicago Chief of Detectives Eugene Roy said the teen ran from a car believed to be connected to an earlier shooting and an ‘armed confrontation’ resulted in the officer shooting Loury.

He also said that a weapon was found at the scene and taken into evidence, while another law enforcement source said Loury was a ‘documented gang member.’

Police declined on Tuesday to identify the officer involved in the shooting.

Loury’s aunt, Karen Winters, said of the tragic situation; ‘Once again, we’re looking at environment, this community, how some of these young boys are just plagued with certain influences.’

She then added; ‘But not to this extent, by no means.’

The teenager’s mother, Tambrasha Hudson, claims her son did not even own a gun.

‘Everything they said on the news is not the truth. It is not the truth. It’s not the truth,’ said Hudson.

‘It’s sad! My baby was 16, not 30. My baby was 16! Sixteen!’

Loury’s Facebook page does show the teenager holding up a gun in one photo, and he did have a tattoo on his neck that said ‘RMG’ while frequently referring to the ‘Reese Money Gang.’

Patrol officers stopped a vehicle believed to have been involved in an earlier shooting in the area at about 7.30pm.

During the stop, a suspect got out of the vehicle and fled, the Chicago Police Department said in a statement.

‘A brief foot pursuit ensued leading to an armed confrontation, between the fleeing offender and the officer,’ police said in the statement.


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