#BlackLivesMatter: You Won’t Believe What Type of Group They Label Themselves As

South-Carolina-Scott-Shooting-Protest-Black-Lives-Matter-2“Those responsible for these distortions are not actual journalists.” You mean the people who are reporting the truth?

Representatives of the Black Lives Matter movement fired back at Fox & Friends anchor Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Thursday for suggesting the activists be labeled a “hate group” during an interview.

“Those responsible for these distortions are not actual journalists,” said the statement, posted to the Black Lives Matter Facebook page.. “They are TV personalities sensationalizing tragedy to further their own agenda at the cost of reason, justice, and democratic rights of black people everywhere to demand an end to police violence and mass incarceration.”

Monday’s Fox & Friends show centered around the shooting of Texas Deputy Darren Goforth and a Minnesota Black Lives Matter demonstration during which activists chanted “Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon,” referring to police.

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“Why has the Black Lives Matter movement not been classified yet as a hate group?” Hasselbeck,
the conservative former host of The View asked Black Sphere’s Kevin Jackson. “I mean, how much more has to go in this direction before someone actually labels it as such?”

The movement’s statement said it’s the opposite of a hate group.

“The Black Lives Matter Network is a love group,” the statement said. “We seek a world which ALL black lives matter, and racial hierarchy no longer organizes our lives or yours. This is a vision of love. As black survivors of white supremacy, our hearts go out to all victims of violence.”

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