Blood Bath During Father’s Day Weekend In Chi-Town: Shootings leave 7 dead, at least 30 injured

chi townA series of shootings this weekend has Chicagoans on edge.

A total of 11 separate shootings since Friday night have resulted in seven deaths and at least 30 injuries in the Windy City. The victims range in age from 16-years old to 40-years-old, according to multiple media reports.

The last of the shooting deaths came early Sunday morning when police chased a man down a dark alley on the crime-ridden West Side.

The suspect jumped out of the window of a moving car the officers were attempting to pull over, he fell down fleeing officers and pulled out a 9mm handgun, reported the Chicago Tribune.

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Officers shot the suspect in self-defense, he was pronounced dead on the scene at 4:11am,the paper reported.

Two separate shootings only blocks apart on the South Side in broad daylight. The first incident, which happened about 2:15pm Saturday, left three people injured. The second incident left one injured.

Another man was shot in the arm during a carjacking attempt at about 6:10am Saturday on the South Side, reported NBC Chicago. No further details were provided.

A 23-year-old gang member was injured in a drive by shooting around 10:40pm Friday when a car pulled up and a passenger fired multiple shots into the man, hitting him in the buttocks, according to NBC Chicago. His injuries are not life threatening.

Officials only have leads in two of the shootings, according to reports, and could not be reached by Mail Online for comment.



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