BLUE COLLAR WORKERS: Just Switched Parties to Vote for Trump in Ohio

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.10.08 AMKasich is going to have a run for his money with these stats coming out.

At least 1,000 blue collar Democrats in Mahoning County have switched parties from Democrat to Republican to vote for Donald Trump in the primary.

There are 88 counties in Ohio. reported, via Conservative Treehouse:

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About 1,000 Democrats in Mahoning County so far have switched their party affiliation to Republican with election officials saying several did it to vote for Donald Trump, the GOP presidential front-runner.

“We are seeing something this election cycle I’ve never seen before to this degree,” said board Chairman Mark Munroe, who’s also the county Republican chairman. “Every day I take phone calls or get voice messages from people saying they’ve been Democrats all their life and they’ve had it. They want to vote for Donald Trump. I’m surprised at the volume of inquiries we’re getting. It’s remarkable.”

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