BOO-HOO: Megyn Kelly Writes MEMOIR of Trump ‘Bullying’ Her–Are You Sick of Her Crying?


It’s clear Megyn Kelly is no fan of Donald Trump and now she is milking it for every penny. After their scuffle during the campaign, Kelly decided to write a memoir on it. This is an absolute pathetic cry for attention.

How many of you will be glad the day Kelly loses her job or retires?


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Fox News anchor Megyn Kellysaid she thinks Donald Trump was agitated before the first GOP primary debate not because he’d learned she was going to confront him about his insulting descriptions of women but because he suspected she’d ask about his first wife’s claim that he’d raped her.

In her new memoir, Settle for More, Kelly describes how an unexpectedly anxious Trump complained to Fox News executives last year about what she’d do as a moderator of the debate. The questions Kelly and her colleagues planned to ask the candidates were secret. She wrote that days before the debate, Trump called Fox “in an attempt to rein me in. … He said he had ‘heard’ that my first question was a very pointed question directed at him.” Kelly’s first question was in fact for Trump and about his treatment and descriptions of women. She wondered, she wrote, “How could he know that?”

In an exclusive interview Monday with USA TODAY — one in which she discussed what she called her “Year of Trump” and her stand against former Fox News chief Roger Ailes — Kelly said she did not believe her question leaked to Trump beforehand. “I don’t think he had any idea,” she said. “What I think he was worried about was his divorce from Ivana Trump. … He was afraid I was going to bring that up.”

The author’s Year of Trump began with her now famous question to Trump about whether his history with women would be fodder for Hillary Clinton’s claims that he was part of a “war on women.”

It exploded with Trump’s insinuation that Kelly was hostile to him in the debate because she was menstruating and continued until the following April, when the two met in Trump’s office. By that time, Kelly said, she was weary of the abuse prompted by Trump’s string of insulting social media posts. In the interview, Kelly declined to comment on what she said or did at her Trump Tower meeting to get him to stop.


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