Book of Michelle Obama Photos Titled ‘Chasing Light’ To Be Published

As if the world hasn’t seen enough of Michelle Obama, there will now be a published photo book of her and you can guarantee they’re all going to be highly edited.

But wait! Barry is getting in on the action too.

Both books are set to be released this fall.

Via Breitbart: A collection of White House pictures of Michelle Obama is coming out Oct. 17, Ten Speed Press told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

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“Chasing Light” will feature 150 color shots and personal commentary by White House photographer Amanda Lucidon.

“Mrs. Obama is a source of light and inspiration in my life,” Lucidon said.

“She was a mentor to me and so many people around the world. The work she has done with young people, especially girls and underserved youth, has helped me realize that I want to spend my life helping others reach their fullest potential.”

“Chasing Light” will hit bookstores a few weeks before “Obama: An Intimate Portrait,” a book by White House photographer Pete Souza of Barack Obama pictures.

This photographer is known to show dramatically contrasted photos of Obama and the Donald Trump admin; making him ever so popular with millennials on social media.

One thing is certain, these books won’t feature the following photos:

screen-shot-2017-07-11-at-11-14-31-am screen-shot-2017-07-11-at-11-14-56-am screen-shot-2017-07-11-at-11-15-16-am screen-shot-2017-07-11-at-11-16-15-am screen-shot-2017-07-11-at-11-16-32-am screen-shot-2017-07-11-at-11-18-12-am


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