BOOM: Assange’s New Target? Clinton Campaign… and It’s a GAME CHANGER [WATCH]

Assange has come out claiming his newest email leak will be VERY damning for Hillary. Her days are numbered… hopefully.

With 75 days before voters pick their new president, email revelations are threatening to overtake Hillary Clinton’s campaign – with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange hurling another log on an already raging fire with a vow to release “significant” Clinton documents.

In an exclusive interview Wednesday night with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, Assange was asked whether new information culled from Clinton emails would be released before the general election: “Yes, absolutely.”

Asked whether it could be an election game-changer, Assange told Kelly, “It depends on how it catches fire.”

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Dana Perino, former White House press secretary under the George W. Bush administration and co-host of Fox News’ “The Five,” predicted Assange would release the files before the third presidential debate, since “it is the one everyone pays attention to.”

WikiLeaks is the same group whose leak of Democratic National Committee files caused havoc for the party on the eve of its July convention.

Clinton herself has tried to downplay the revelations to date, telling CNN there’s “a lot of smoke” but “no fire.”

But Assange’s threat amounts to one of several looming headaches for the campaign. The State Department is under court order to start reviewing thousands of additional emails for potential release. Clinton is expected to get a set of written questions on her email server soon from her arch-nemesis, the conservative D.C. group Judicial Watch.

Meanwhile, new revelations are surfacing regularly on the access that Clinton Foundation donors enjoyed with her State Department, fueling allegations of pay-to-play practices.

Donald Trump has seized on the last drip-drip of revelations.

“It’s impossible to figure out where the Clinton Foundation ends and the State Department begins,” the New York businessman said at a recent rally in Texas.

On Wednesday, The Associated Press reported that more than half of the non-government people Clinton met while secretary of state gave money to the Clinton Foundation.


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