BOOM: Boy’s Grades were Less than Average, so Father Tells Boy to Take a Sledgehammer and Do This [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.14.29 AMGood job dad for finally deciding to be a parent.

A video making the rounds on the Internet is creating a heated discussion about parenting. It involves a boy named Jason, his video game consoles and a sledgehammer.

In the video, a dad can be heard arguing with his boy about school performance, presumably about grades, and telling his son he had “three weeks.” That’s when he tells the boy to smash a slew of gaming consoles strewn across the lawn.

“It’s not my fault,” Jason says.

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“Let’s go,” the father replies.

“I hate my life,” the boy says before smashing several of the consoles. But it’s the last one that Jason seems to have an extra affinity for that makes it hard.

“Let’s go!” his father repeats. “No,” Jason replies, throwing the sledgehammer on the ground.

“Excuse you? Pick up the f**king sledgehammer and smash it,” the dad commands.

“But it’s not my fault,” Jason begs. “It’s my teacher’s fault.”

The video eventually cuts off before the final smashing occurs. Watch below [CONTENT WARNING FOR LANGUAGE]:

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