BOOM: Citizens Fight Back Against Creepy Clowns [VIDEO]

People have the right to protect their lives. It’s only natural they will defend themselves. These clowns messed with the wrong, or maybe right depending on how you look at it, people. Check it out.

‘KILLER Clowns’ are being warned to be on their guard – as now it is them who should be running scared.

Vigilantes across the globe have decide to turn the tables on the masked pranksters by letting them know their terror time is over.

Here are a pick of the moments when the public decided to fight back.

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BAT AND FOOL…This is the moment a man films himself battering a baseball-bat wielding clown – as his pals are heard laughing in the background. The creepy clown was punched and kicked to the ground in an attack in Parramatta, Sydney.

BULLET FOR BOZO….A gun-toting motorist threatened to SHOOT a ‘killer clown’ while screaming ‘leave the kids alone!’ The firearms drama happened after a car full of young men drove past the masked prankster in a residential street in Chicago.

TRAFFIC SLAM…A balloon waving clown can unstuck when he decided to stand in the middle of an American street and block a car full of youths. Rather than running scared the lads jumped out and battered him with a bat.

TOOLS AND FOOLS…Thousands of tooled-up students were filmed taking to the streets to hunt down a creepy clown spotted on campus. Teens armed with bats, tennis rackets and hockey sticks were seen flooding the roads around Pennsylvania State University.

REAL RED NOSE…A clown prankster was  punched in the nose after one of his victims hit back. Wannabe YouTube star Ashley Symes decided to join the ‘creepy clown’ craze by filming himself purposely targeting young members of the public to scare in Chatham.

CLOWN AND OUT…This is the moment a man dressed as a ‘killer clown’ is supposedly ‘bottled’ after trying to scare shoppers in London. Things go quickly wrong for the masked fool when he jumps out on the wrong man.


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