BOOM! CNN Pushes Martin Luther King III to Renounce Trump But He Does This Instead

This doesn’t mean Martin Luther King III likes Trump. We get that. But he does understand what is good for the country and tearing down the man that will be our president is not one of them. CNN tries their dirty tricks but it’s awesome when people see right through them.

Oh, but wait, there is more. CNN, go home. You just try to create fights where there is no conflict.

REPORTER: Were you offended by the President-elect’s tweet that Lewis is all talk and no action?

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MLK: In the heat of emotion, a lot of things get said on both sides. I think that at some point I am, as John Lewis and many others are, a bridge builder. The goal is to bring America together. We are a great nation and we must become a greater nation.

He then told reporters that the President-elect said repeatedly that he’s going to be a President for all Americans. CNN, on the other hand, has to CNN. Remember the guy Donald Trump called “fake news” last week? He’s baaaaack…

REPORTER: Isn’t there something that just cuts to your core when you hear the president-elect refer to John Lewis as ‘all talk and no action? I mean nothing could be further from the truth, isn’t that right? John Lewis is not ‘all talk and no action.’

Wow, that’s some bias. But to King’s credit, he didn’t take the bait. After repeating the respect he has for Rep. Lewis being a man of action, he surprised the press with this…

MLK: As I said, things get said on both sides in the heat of emotion. At some point, this nation, we’ve got to move forward.


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