BOOM: Devasting Blow to Hillary Camp Just Happened–State Department is About to Release…

After an explosive report by the AP hit news cycles, they demanded certain documents be released to them to verify the truth behind their story. The State Department initially said the records wouldn’t be release before the election… now they’re singing a different tune.

The government will hand over all of Hillary Clinton’s schedules from her time as secretary of state to The Associated Press before the election.

In a climb down by the State Department, the documents detailing who exactly the Democrat candidate met while she held public office will be turned over to the news organization by mid-October.

Thursday’s decision is a reversal by government lawyers, who warned just last week that hundreds of pages would not be released until after the November 8 election.

It is a blow for Clinton, whose presidential campaign has been dogged by accusations that she used her public office inappropriately by meeting with donors to her Clinton Foundation while holding the role between 2009 and 2013.

The release of the documents will offer a rare glimpse into Clinton’s secretive diary, in a decisive victory for the AP, which has been battling the government in the courts over the matter.

The State Department has already provided the news agency with some of the Democratic presidential nominee’s official calendars from her time at the department.

That led to a bombshell AP report in August, which revealed that roughly half of 154 people who spoke to Clinton in a two-year period at the State Department were donors in some form to her Foundation.

It said that of 154 people Clinton met, 85 were donors to the tune of a collective $156 million.

But Clinton fought back, saying that the article was not representative of her time at the State Department.

‘There’s a lot of smoke and there’s no fire!’ she told CNN in a rare press interview.

AP said at the time that its review focused on Clinton’s discretionary contacts with outside interests and excluded her meetings or calls with federal officials or foreign government representatives, because those contacts were part of her regular diplomatic obligations.

It also noted that it was working from incomplete records since the State Department had failed to release the full documents.


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