BOOM! Donald Trump Delivers Message to Gangs that Will Make Them CR@P Their Pants

Thugs, criminals, criminal illegals, WATCH OUT!

The Trumpinator is out to get you.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump sent a message to these ruffians.

“They are getting the hell out or they are going to prison,” Trump said, completely unfiltered, in an interview with Fox and Friends.

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Our president praised his Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly. He is very pleased with Kelly for enforcing the laws.

Pointing to the illegals who were murdering and raping innocent people he said, “I will tell you we have gotten tremendous criminals out of this country.”

President Trump views criminal behavior from illegal immigrants to be a serious problem. Something that he is working to fix.

So far it seems he has kept his word.

According to newly released statistics by ICE, arrests of illegal aliens increased 32.6 percent during the first several weeks of the Trump Administration.

According to Breitbart: Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 21,362 illegal aliens from January 20 through March 13, an increase of 5,258 from the same period in 2016.

Nearly 75 percent of those arrested, a total of 17,921, are criminal illegal aliens. The number of non-criminal illegal aliens arrested has more than doubled.

“So many towns and cities are thanking me because we have gotten rid of a burden that you would not believe,” Trump said.

“The weak illegal immigration policies of the Obama Admin. allowed bad MS 13 gangs to form in cities across U.S,” he said on twitter. “We are removing them fast!”




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