BOOM: Drunk Passenger on Plane Gets TACKLED by Pilot After Trying to do THIS [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 10.08.34 AMWhen you disobey orders from flight attendants and start acting belligerent on a plane… you might get tackled by a pilot. In this case it did happen and it’s all on film.

An American Airlines pilot tackled an intoxicated man to the ground after he tried to force his way off a taxiing plane and attacked a flight attendant.

In footage posted online, the pilot is heard yelling ‘you don’t put your hands on my flight attendant!’ as he forced the belligerent passenger to the floor after the plane landed and came to a stop in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Michael Kerr, 25, from Kentucky, was banned from flying after appearing in court on charges of being intoxicated and disruptive, assault on a female and communicating threats, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader.

He also face charges of interfering with the duties of a flight crew or attendant following the incident which occurred on July 21.

In the video, the pilot of the flight from Lexington, Kentucky and a female flight attendant can be seen and heard repeatedly asking Kerr to have a seat as he tries to leave the aircraft.

‘Move, move, move,’ Kerr said repeatedly as the flight attendant and pilot stood in the aisle blocking him from leaving.

The pilot says: ‘Take a seat. I said take a seat sir.’

Kerr, who had drunk three whiskeys on the plane, then told the pilot that he didn’t want to take a seat and the pilot said: ‘I don’t care what you want to do, you’re going to take a seat right now.’

They went back and forth with Kerr until he pushed through them and shoved a flight attendant to the floor.

The pilot then tackled the man to the floor and restrained him.

Passenger Brian Colon, 23, shot the video. In an interview with the Lexington Herald-Leader, he said: ‘I was very scared. I felt like the flight attendant’s life was in danger and I felt like someone else needed to step in.’


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