BOOM: Fed Judge HUMILIATES Stein Lawyer Before TERMINATING the Michigan Recount–This Is Epic

No results were significantly altered. There was no evidence of fraud. Why did Stein’s lawyer even bother showing up in court at all? We are loving this! Wonder what Hillary has to say about all this.

Here’s how the ruling went down:

Hallroom chatter in Michigan recount: Some think the judge has been cornered & he’ll have to end the recount; some say he’ll keep pushing.

AG atty Bursch: Stein’s “entire purpose is to audit the Michigan system.” That’s not what our recount law is for.

Michigan recount hearing: Judge: how do we know that Stein only got 1%; what if she got more but fraud took place?

Judge to AG atty: what if Stein got 20% of the vote; is that enough for her to say she was aggrieved?

MI Rep Party atty now up: the michigan courts have ruled, he says, urges judge to end the recount.

Judge continues to press: is there any court case that says recounts must produce a change in the outcome in order for them to be allowed?

Michigan Rep. Atty: recounts should be used to figure out who should have won the election. “Aggrieved means someone who has been harmed”

Pro-recount atty: Michigan recount law isn’t just about changing outcome; can also be used to show fraud in election system.

Judge Goldsmith discusses cost of recount to taxpayers. Asks Stein atty what she thinks of that? Answer:the law “explicitly” allows for that.

Stein atty notes battle not over. “the state court decision is not final.” going back to appeals court.

Judge asks Stein atty: What do you want now? I ordered immediate recount. What’s your issue now ? notes there’s no federal right to recount.

Stein atty: “There is no way of knowing whether fraud occurred without conducting the recount.”

AG atty: the court of appeals has spoken. there is no right for stein to have a recount. that’s the end of the story.


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