BOOM: Former Secret Service Agent Says MORE DETAILS Coming on ObamaGate

If you are still skeptical on Trump’s wiretapping allegations, or just want to see the evidence (like we all do), it looks like you will get your wish soon enough.

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino  says more is coming this week.

Well, we are ready and waiting to see the evidence.

As of Sunday morning, Press Secretary Sean Spicer, the White House isn’t going to speak on anything until Congress starts investigations into the alleged wiretap that President Donald Trump blamed former Oval office holder Barack Obama.

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Bongino took to Twitter on Saturday night to say he felt more information will be released this week.

That’s a tall order for a claim, do you agree? Who’s going to spill the beans on the allegations? Where’s the information coming from?

What did Obama know and when? Who else had their phones wiretapped?


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