BOOM, GUESS WHAT’S BACK! .22LR Ammo Returning to Store Shelves

13It’s more expensive but it’s back!

I went to one of my local gun shops earlier today to pick up my Beretta 92 Compact* and saw this lovely sight on the counter.

Yes, they were actually stocking .22 LR from three different manufacturers (Federal, Remington, and Aguila) at the same time.

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The shop confirmed what I’ve been hearing from other retailers..22LR ammo has indeed gone from the status of being unattainable at any price, to match-grade ammo being attainable, to slowly starting to show back up in consumer-grade loadings, if at a higher cost than before the madness started several years ago.

Ammunition manufacturers are simply having a hard time meeting demand for .22LR and some other calibers of ammunition due to the huge influx of new shooters in recent years who are enthusiastically demanding, “more ammo!”

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