BOOM: Lady GaGa SCHOOLS Beyoncé on How to Perform a Half-Time Show

Lady GaGa certainly has controversial songs and political stances. However, she took the ‘high road’ during her performance and just simply entertained the crowd. Beyoncé… you got schooled.

by o

Last year, Beyonce performed at the Super Bowl half-time show. And it was a performance that brought on no small measure of controversy, thanks to Beyonce’s political posturing. So everyone was anxious to see how Lady Gaga would behave at this year’s half-time show… and she showed Beyonce how it was done.

During Beyonce’s show, she channeled the Black Panthers and performed her song “Formation”, an anti-police anthem. Beyonce’s back-up dancers gave Black Power salutes and blatantly promoted the Black Lives Matter movement. It was a performance that caused tons of controversy, and had police across the country boycotting her concerts.

There was a lot of speculation leading up to Lady Gaga’s performance. Many people thought that she would make a political statement; others said she would simulate group sex on stage, and some conspiracy sites even claimed that she would be leading a satanic ritual during the performance.

Instead, Lady Gaga blew everyone away.



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