BOOM: Latino Millennial Writes Op-ed About Trump All Liberals Need To Read

screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-10-44-53-amThis young man did his research. If you are looking at the news and see violence and outrage, if you are feeling dread over the unrest that is happening, here is a bright spot. And this man is not the only one. There are many like him who would rather feel inspired than tear down others. Truly an inspiring piece.


My family may be Democrats, but I have always been a Republican, and I officially registered for the party shortly after my 18th birthday. The first Donald Trump rally I went to was in Las Vegas last year. The crowd was joyful and happy, people were singing and cheering, and when Trump got up on stage all eyes were on him.

That rally energised me, and ensured I did everything possible to get Trump elected. My father and his family are from Nicaragua, and my mum is half Puerto Rican, so I joined “Latinos for Trump”. My whole senior year of high school, I volunteered countless hours for the Trump campaign: making phone calls, speaking to voters, knocking on doors. I researched issues America faces such as our debt, and policies I feel are failing us, including ObamaCare. Trump has promised to tackle these issues head on.

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He wants to repeal ObamaCare, to achieve a cheaper service. A more free market in healthcare will increase competition for consumers among insurance companies, and ensure that our prices will get lower. He has also said he will renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement and make sure TTIP is not put in place. He has be talking about our terrible trade deals since the 1980s, whereas Hillary Clinton has voted in favour of every one of these disastrous deals that have cost Americans jobs.

The media has tried to suggest Latinos are all against Trump, but a not-insignificant chunk of us cast votes for him – 29%, according to CNN exit polls. Many of the comments Trump has made about Mexicans, such as calling them “rapists”, have been taken completely out of context. He has only said a certain portion of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border are committing crimes, which is surely true.

In his book Crippled America, Trump talks about his certainty that many illegal immigrants in America are good, hard-working people, but with the US in its current state we have to put Americans first. There are more than 3 billion people in the world who live in poverty. The US can’t help every single one of them. We have to focus on feeding the 13 million starving American children, the single mothers who under Barack Obama have gone into poverty, and our veterans who have lost their benefits.


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