BOOM! Trump Is Getting Ready to Destroy Another Obama-era Climate Change Rule

You know something is bad when Democrats vote to repeal it. This must not have been one of Obama’s crowning jewels of legislature.

Trump signed the Congressional Review Act (CRA) Monday, effectively repealing the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Planning 2.0 rule. BLM has been under scrutiny because critics claim it seizes power from local officials and makes energy development much more difficult.

Although many Democrats claim the rule helps the government take better care of public lands,  four Democrats voted to repeal it. It must not have been too good at its job.

Planning 2.0 took effect in December, and never really had a chance to be implemented. But many are just fine with that.

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“This rule would have given even more power to the bureaucracy in Washington when what we need is the exact opposite,” Utah Republican Rep. Rob Bishop, chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources, said in a press statement.

“Reversing this rule is just one of many actions we will take to shift land management decisions back to the people who live in these areas and away from unelected, and in many cases unaccountable, bureaucrats,” Bishop said.

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The best part about ending  BLM and other agency restrictions to energy development? This will create 2.7 million jobs and add $663 billion to the economy each year for the next 30 years! That’s what we call winning!


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