BOSTON TERROR SCARE: Heavily Armed Police Storm in on Trains After Reports of Muslims Doing This

With the Boston Bombings, now Orlando, fresh on the minds of the people in Massachusetts anything suspicious will and should be reported. Luckily, there was a misunderstanding.

At the MBTA, anti-Muslim graffiti was discovered in a train. In another instance, guards responded with machine guns to a report of a Muslim couple praying on the Orange Line platform in Medford, after a nervous passenger called security.

WBZ security analyst Ed Davis says it’s to be expected. “People are nervous, and so we’re telling people if they see something unusual to notify police, and we don’t want them to stop doing that.”

Even some Muslims agree. “The reaction from police is understandable,” said Ali, “because they see somebody and they think of it as a threat, so I think we can live with that.”


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