Bouncing Checks and Growing Debt: Obamacare Takes Your Money and Runs With It

obama-throwing-our-money-around-500x334Another week, another Obamacare disaster. Imagine planning to go Christmas shopping or off to visit family for the holidays – only to find out your checking account is over $800 in the hole. So much for shopping, so much for going over the river and through the woods to Granny’s house.

Because it’s not just the initial $800 you’ll be out. Everything else you’ve spent, checks you mailed in for bills or off to relatives for Christmas gifts, start bouncing and at a $25-$50 penalty for each overdraft, who knows how high your costs will go? This is happening right now in Washington State. You know, the state that has been touting how wonderful their state exchange is, unlike the site?

There have been many warnings about all the issues with the massive bill. Just one more on the list was the one where the government has full access to your bank account. “They’ll be able to access your account and take the money whether you want them to or not. They’ll be able to take the penalty if you don’t buy insurance so that you can’t avoid it” were the warnings. “No, they would NEVER do that, it just doesn’t happen that way, you’re just a racist” we were told. But here we are.

Sure, the folks who signed up through the Washington state exchange agreed to have that money held out – only they signed up for a date that THEY actually wanted, that they should have been in control of. Turns out the state decided to charge early. And darn it, it’s not the state’s fault, they sent the people a message telling them they were going to charge them when they darn well felt like it, so those people darn well better come up with the money early.

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But oops, that great website has been down (quite a lot lately) and so the people didn’t get that pesky little message telling them to pay up early. Of course, this still doesn’t explain why at least one person has been double-billed. That’s fun to see in your account, too. Thank you, Santa Obama. You provided free insurance for some people for Christmas, but have managed to Grinch other American’s out of their entire Christmas.

Who thinks these folks are just plain going to be screwed? Washington State certainly isn’t going to take responsibility and pay the overdraft penalties for all those people. Obama won’t help them. So not only is their Christmas ruined but so is their credit as it’s affected by who knows how many bounced checks.

Plus the people trying to cash those checks will be screwed over as well. These people, the ones who will actually be paying for insurance rather than getting it free, are the very ones the government is depending on to cover the whole system. And they are quickly being alienated and this kind of problem is guaranteeing that more of them WON’T sign up. Then how will it be paid for?

This is exactly the nightmare scenario so many of us have been warning about since before Obamacare was even passed. By this point, even Obamacare supporters have to be VERY wary of enrolling in either the state or federal exchanges. No one wants money disappearing out of their bank accounts. And again, this is just the tip of the iceberg of this nightmare. So stayed tuned for the continuing saga…


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