Bouquet of Bills: A Handful of Pro-Gun Bills to Receive Committee Hearings in Tennessee

laoded gunTomorrow and Wednesday, multiple pro-gun bills will be considered in the Senate Judiciary Committee and in the House Civil Justice Subcommittee.

Tomorrow at 3:30 p.m., in Legislative Plaza Room 12 of the state Capitol, the Senate Judiciary Committee will consider the following bills:

Senate Bill 2031, sponsored by state Senator Joey Hensley (R-28), would remove all grandfathered local ordinances and resolutions enacted before April 8, 1986 relating to the prohibition or regulation of possession, transportation or storage of firearms and firearm ammunition by Handgun Carry Permit (HCP) holders.

Senate Bill 1672, sponsored by state Senator Steve Southerland (R-1), would extend the term or validity of a Tennessee HCP from four to five years.

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Senate Bill 1774, sponsored by state Senator Mike Bell (R-9), would allow a law-abiding gun owner to carry a firearm in his or her own vehicle without a HCP.

Senate Bill 1612, sponsored by state Senator Mark Green (R-22), would strengthen the current state firearms preemption statute by giving all authority relating to firearms laws and regulations to the General Assembly.

This Wednesday at 3:00 p.m., in House Hearing Room 31 (HHR 31) of the state Capitol, the House Civil Justice Subcommittee will consider the following bills:

House Bill 1399, sponsored by state Representative Judd Matheny (R-47), is the House companion bill to SB 1612 above.

House Bill 1400, sponsored by state Representative Tilman Goins (R-10), is the House companion bill to SB 1672 above.

House Bill 1480, sponsored by state Representative Jeremy Faison (R-11), is the House companion bill to SB 1774 above.

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