BOX OFFICE BOOM: ‘Lone Survivor’ Comes in as #1 with $38.5 Million

lone-survivor-movie6A dispute has arisen among distributors as to which pictures are No. 4 and 5 this weekend , giving rise to a battle between American Hustle and The Legend of Hercules. However, there is no question who won the war: Lone Survivor with an impressive $38.5M, playing well beyond the industry’s and the studio’s expectations.

Survivor is  the story of real-life war heroes Marcus Luttrell and his Navy Seal (Operation Red Wing) brothers whose strength of spirit is well honored as they fight valiantly for their lives against al-Qaeda.

“I think the marketing and publicity done by Marcus Luttrell and the team was amazing. He’s a very brave and courageous man. The project came from the heart and everyone worked on it from the heart,” said Nikki Rocco, president of domestic distribution for Universal Pictures. “You wouldn’t have felt the passion of the film if you didn’t have an actor who could pull it off, and Wahlberg did…

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