Brainwashing Kids About Guns: the Sequel

brainwashedBarely a month ago I wrote about a spate of recent incidents in which schoolchildren as young as five were seriously punished for committing no reasonable offense whatsoever other than triggering the anti-gun hysteria of politically correct, progressive school officials. Those incidents were just the beginning.

In arguably the most ludicrous and outrageous example yet, a seven-year-old with ADHD has been suspended from his Brooklyn Park school for two days because he accidentally shaped a breakfast pastry to resemble – according to his teacher – a gun. Apparently he was trying to shape a mountain out of it, but it turned out to be the school authorities who made a mountain out of a molehill. Playing with his food actually drove Joshua’s teacher to tears (“She was pretty mad,” he said), and she took away the pastry and tossed it in the trash. The father confirmed with the school that no students had been upset or hurt or scared, but the principal determined that “a threat had been made.”

Ponder that for a moment.

Joshua’s elementary school later sent students home with a letter citing the Code of Student Conduct to parents and guardians which declared that “one of our students used food to make inappropriate gestures that disrupted the class. While no physical threats were made and no one [was] harmed, the student had to be removed from the classroom.” This is curious reasoning, considering that it was the hysterical teacher who disrupted the class, and since the incident had no adverse effect on any of the students, there was no reason to remove Joshua from the class, much less suspend his education for two days.

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Joshua’s father said, “I would almost call it insanity. I mean with all the potential issues that could be dealt with at school, real threats, bullies, whatever the real issue is, it’s a pastry, ya know?” Apparently Joshua’s dad needs to be sent to reeducation camp until he fully grasps the seriousness of pastry-shaped threats to the security of the State.

Astoundingly, the letter went on to offer reassurances to anyone who might have been traumatized:

If your children express that they are troubled by today’s incident, please talk with them and help them share their feelings. Our school counselor is available to meet with any students who have the need to do so next week. In general, please remind them of the importance of making good choices.



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