BRAVE TEEN STANDS UP TO COWARD BULLIES: Girl with Half a Face Stands up to her Cruel Bullies, ‘I have a tumor, that’s all’

An Ontario teen who made headlines when she fought back against cruel bullies who mocked the disfigurement on half her face now has her own television special.

Sarah Atwell suffers from neurofibromatosis, a condition the 17-year-old was diagnosed with at 8 months, and the tumor it caused to grow on just one side of her face elicited cries of ‘fat face’ and ‘slut’ from ruthless schoolmates for years.

But in 2012, Atwell fought back. She posted a video to Facebook in which she made her intentions to live a happy life clear no matter what the bullies called her.

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That remarkable strength first won Atwell droves of fans across the internet. Now it’s gotten her a special on Discovery Fit & Health slated to air December 18.

The special documents Atwell, who lives with her family in Nova Scotia, in the weeks leading up to what she hopes will be a life-altering surgery to remove the tumor once and for all.

All eyes are on the high schooler and thanks to her video they’re looks of adoration not fear or hate.

It wasn’t always like that. ‘I thought I’d make a video and say what’s been going on,’ she told Discovery.

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