BREAK OUT THE SELF-TANNER: College Prof., ‘You Can’t Have Peace if Whiteness Exists…’ [WATCH]

If that’s not racism, what is? And the college condones this behavior.

There have been a number of pretty dumb stories about ‘whiteness’ coming from college campuses as of late (see WATCH: College Employee Assaults White Student… For ‘Racist’ Dreadlocks. and Harvard Tries Hiding ‘Debate’ Video: ‘Kill Yourself over White Privilege’). But there’s something slightly more perturbing when it’s coming from a professor during a class lecture.

“And my interpretation is that he is talking about, ‘Imagine everyone living together in peace,’ that would be, not necessarily a perfect world, but a good world,” Harrison said. “And how do we get to that good world is the question? A world without conflict. And to me, my interpretation of these words is it would be a world for the U.S. without whiteness, in terms of the power structure.”

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According to the college’s website, there are definite distinction between “white” and “whiteness.”

See, contrary to this professor or the “Black Lives Matter” movement’s constant, false claims of racism, what’s exhibited here is actual racism.

A white guy refusing to “check his privilege”? Not racist.


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