BREAKING: American University Under Attack–Explosions and Gunfire

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 10.40.50 AMThe American University of Afghanistan in Kabul is under attack. This is a developing story. Details will be updated.

Explosions and gunfire rang out at American University of Afghanistan in Kabul on Wednesday in what a police commander described as “a complex attack.”

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Reporters in the area said students and teachers took cover in classrooms as police and special forces surrounded the campus.

“I heard an explosion and some gunshots, but the attack is finished,” a woman on campus who asked not to be identified told Fox News by telephone.

The numbers of people dead or injured were unclear, but ambulances reportedly raced victims to a nearby hospital.

The university’s president, Mark English, tells The Associated Press, “we are trying to assess the situation.” Police spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said investigators believed there was just one attacker.


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