Breaking: Another Ariana Grande Concert Targeted — Officials Arrest Suspect

It seems terrorists really do not like Ariana Grande.

A Colombian man has been arrested by Costa Rican police on suspicion of planning a terror attack at the pop-star’s concert in the Spanish speaking country.

Saturday, a manhunt was launched after threatening messages in Arabic were posted on the concert organizers’ webpage.

The man, now in custody, behind the threats was Caicedo Lopez; a 22-year-old from Colombia.

During the raid of his apartment, officers took possession of two cell phones.

Those phones were allegedly used to make the threats.

On May 22 a suicide bomber killed 22 people and injured 119 more at a concert by the American singer in Manchester, and Costa Rican police feared a copycat attack was being planned.

The manhunt was lead by the Judicial Investigation Department (OIJ) and the raid was carried out by its Special Tactical Response Unit.

The director of the OIJ, Walter Espinoza, said: ‘The original threat was in the Arabic language and indicated that there could be a situation of danger or an attack at the concert. It was a very sensitive situation.’

Police launched the dawn raid after tracing the threats to the suspect’s home. The investigation was carried out jointly with the Department of Intelligence and National Security and the Ministry of Public Security.

Daily Mail

The suspect has no police record in Costa Rica. After he was arrested, state prosecutors took him into custody.

Ariana Grande’s show went on, as planned, in front of 14,000 fans.

Organizers stated: ‘The operation was carried out with total professionalism.’

Law enforcement performed emergency drills to double check security arrangements at the venue ahead of the concert.

Fans that attended the performance had to pass through three rings of security.


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