BREAKING: Authorities Have INTERROGATED Benjamin Netanyahu in Criminal Investigation

What’s next, we’re going to drop a bomb of them? How much lower can we bring this country? Trump can’t take office soon enough!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was interrogated Monday night on suspicion of corruption in a criminal investigation authorized by the nation’s attorney general.

Netanyahu is suspected of having received benefits from businessmen, according to Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld and Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit.

Netanyahu was questioned “under caution on the suspicions of receiving benefits,” said Rosenfeld.

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The term “under caution” refers to the questioning of someone suspected of having committed a crime, with the warning that anything they say or decline to talk about could be used against them in court proceedings.

Police and Mandelblit declined to release any further details of the three-hour questioning.

Netanyahu has repeatedly denied the allegations against him, saying they are politically motivated.

On New Year’s Day, the Prime Minister posted on his Facebook page, “Unfortunately you’ll have to be disappointed this time as well, like you were disappointed in previous affairs. As usual, there will not be anything because there is nothing. Try replacing the Prime Minister at the ballot box — as is customary in a democracy.”


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