BREAKING: Beyoncè Knew ‘Nothing’ About her Halftime Show Being Hijacked for Black Lives Matter

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.15.17 AMBut if she did, I’m sure she wouldn’t have mind. Given her performance was a Black Panther’s tribute.

It was a grainy cellphone video and a picture that were seen by millions around the world.

But the full story of how Beyoncé was unwittingly dragged into a political row after having her Super Bowl performance hijacked by her dancers and activists can be revealed.

The star knew nothing about the decision by members of her dance troupe to join a protest by members of the Black Lives Matters organization on the pitch of the Levi’s Stadium about the death of Mario Jones until the video went viral the next morning.

Two determined political activists, angered over the shooting of the man by police, smuggled a dozen posters into the arena in their underwear and bags.

Only one was handed, however, to several of the dancers who raised it and shouted slogans demanding ‘Justice for Mario Woods’.

Beyoncé’s dancers backed calls for murder charges to be brought against five officers who gunned down former jail bird Woods,26, at exactly the moment that the star was ushered off by her security guards.

She had performed in front of 167 million people, America’s biggest sports event television audience ever, when the militants struck.

Daily Mail Online has traced the two women who were behind the political storm and can disclose they seized their moment after winning tickets to Beyoncé’s half time show through a local radio station competition.

Rheema Calloway and Ronnishia Johnson, both 25,sneaked in their posters supporting calls for murder charges against five police officers by hiding them in their bras and panties to evade security guards at the sports complex in Santa Clara.

They had made several copies of the poster hoping that at least once would make it into the stadium and they might be able to be seen on television.

After being bussed to the stadium, they were patted down by security guards at the gates and were surprised when officials did not confiscate the 12 posters from their bags and clothing.

Rheema said: ‘We were led onto the pitch at half time through a tunnel and it was crazy and breathtaking. The noise from the crowd made me feel like I was Beyoncé.

‘We had never been inside the stadium even though we are local women. But we are both Beyoncé fans.

‘We were behind Beyoncé’s dancers and we were walked around them and to the sideline to watch the show.

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