BREAKING: Clinton Foundation Has Been HACKED!

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.48.10 AMAre we about to see the Clinton’s world collapse? This is EIPC!

The Clinton Foundation is the latest leftist organization to be the victim of hacking.

Bill and Hillary’s so-called “non-profit” hired a security firm to examine its data after they found evidence of the hacking, Reuters is reporting.

Nothing has been made public – if it was, it would likely appear on WikiLeaks or DCLeaks, two sites that have released a treasure-trove of data from sites ranging from the Democratic National Committee, to the party’s congressional campaign committee, to Hillary’s own email server.

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The hackers seemed to have used “spear phishing” techniques – the same way the hackers broke into the other leftist organizations. They used the same technique to break into George Soros’ non-profit organization as well.

“Spear-Phishing” involves sending a bogus email or setting up a bogus website to gain access to emails and the company itself.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the U.S. officials said the hackers used the same techniques Russian intelligence agencies or their proxies employed against the Democratic Party groups, which suggests that Russians also attacked the Foundation.

A third U.S. official familiar with the attacks said that, so far, there is no evidence that the hackers were able to follow any of the hacked emails into the State Department’s classified email systems.

Anxiety in Washington over the possibility that a foreign power might be using hacked information to meddle in the U.S. election has prompted some Democrats and cyber security experts to urge the Obama administration to blame Russia publicly.

Rep. Jim Himes, a Democrat on the House of Representatives intelligence committee, said the United States should carry “a big stick” in cyber security matters. “The U.S. government needs to be very clear, very direct, and hold these people accountable.”

Current and former White House and intelligence officials said the Obama administration is unlikely to blame Russia publicly, given the difficulty of attributing the attacks without revealing American sources and methods, the geopolitical concerns at play, and a fear that doing so could risk aggravating cyber conflict.


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