BREAKING: Email Shows WH “Fear” Obamacare Website Wouldn’t Work One Week Before Oct. 1

obamacare-suppositoriesFox News has obtained confidential documents that include an email on Sept 25, just days before the fumbled October 1 health care rollout, from CMS tech official Henry Chao revealing that people inside the White House was nervous that would be “unavailable” and turn out to be a big embarrassment.

Chao also suggests the administration should design a more palatable way to tell the public that the Website is not working in case it fails after the Oct. 1 launch, saying that such a move could help prevent the media from “just ramping up the hyperbole about not [being] functional.”

The email references a meeting the previous day, Sept. 24, that included White House Chief Technology Officer Todd Park and CMS chief Marilyn Tavenner.

“When Todd Park and Marilyn was(sic) here yesterday one of the things Todd conveyed was this fear the WH has about being unavailable,” wrote Chao, adding of Park: “He will come back again and ask on 9/30 because after knowing him for the past 3+ years I can tell when he will hang on to something for a long time. Todd does have …

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