BREAKING: Explosion on London Tube Train

There has been a suspected terror attack on a Tube train in the middle of rush hour on Friday morning in London.

The explosion reportedly sent a ‘wall of fire’ through the train, injuring up to 20 people so far. It was a chaotic scene and commuters were left ‘running for their lives’.

Some were seen covered in blood, scorched by the flames. The bombing occurred at Parsons Green station in west London around 8:20am.

Photographs from the District Line train show what experts believe is a ‘pretty unsophisticated’ bomb in a flaming white bucket inside a Lidl freezer bag with wire protruding out of the top.

Scotland Yard sources have said that it is being treated as terrorist incident but could not confirm claims from the scene there is a second unexploded device and the suspect is on the run with a knife.

One witness in the carriage told the BBC there was a ‘bang’ and then a ‘wall of flames’, which engulfed the carriage, with pictures showing a burning plastic bucket stashed in a Lidl carrier bag.

Daily Mail

Authorities responded to the incident within five minutes. All armed police, paramedics and firefighters made it.

Rob Partinton, 24, from Harrow told MailOnline: ‘We were literally about two minutes from Parsons Green, I came from harrow, when the train suddenly stopped.

‘I saw people running on the track opposite direction towards Fulham Broadway, I could hear no screams but a lot of people running. We’ve been held at the station for the last half an hour. It’s pretty busy, a lot of police around and police dogs.’


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