BREAKING: Healthcare Vote CANCELLED After Conservatives Reject It — The Dems React in the Most CHILDISH Way [UPDATE]

This is, without a doubt, a major blow to President Trump. House Republicans went into recess rather than voting on the American Health Care Act, with Trump telling Robert Costa of The Washington Post, “We pulled it.”

This might have been for the best since many were not happy with the bill. Hopefully the matter will be picked back up and something better will be put in place of Obamacare. But at this point, it’s unclear what will happen.

In recent hours, it became clear that Ryan and Trump, despite threats and pleas, didn’t have the votes to pass the AHCA, which essentially maintained the basic premises of Obamacare while worsening the so-called health insurance death spiral and doing little to cut costs over time. Ryan visited Trump earlier today to explain the situation – but even as that happened, members of the White House staff kept maintaining that the vote would be held today, or Trump would simply drop the health care issue entirely.

This failure, barring a stunning turnaround, could create a range of horrible political consequences for Republicans. Ryan’s speakership could be called into question, despite Trump’s support; Trump could decide to break entirely from Ryan’s legislative agenda and go it alone, attempting to cast Ryan as the fall guy in this debacle; Reince Priebus could pay a price inside the White House with Steve Bannon benefitting.

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What was also horrible today was how the Democrats responded to the outcome. The Daily Wire reported Dems taunted the Republicans as the House was recessed, chanting for a vote. How childish can you get? This is a serious issue that Trump and the Republicans want to fix to help everyone. And Liberals responded in a way that three-year-olds would be ashamed of.

No matter how you stand on the issue of healthcare, this was a childish and unacceptable response from people who are representing our country.


So we should have seen this coming. What Democrat lawmakers did was unacceptable. They are representing the people of the United States and they act like toddlers. Well, they do accurately represent some of those in the U.S., to be exact, these people. Smug Obama and Hillary supporters have taken to Twitter to gloat on what they are calling a victory.

If you don’t want to get angry today, we suggest not scrolling through these tweets.








We think you get the picture. We understand if you are angry. We are too. But we can’t stoop to their level. We have to focus on the things that matter, and that is making sure people who will replace Obamacare, who will protect our borders, who will fight for what the American people want, are elected into office. This is a set back, yes, but we still have a long road ahead.


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