BREAKING: How Liberals Plan to ‘TRAP’ Trump in Sunday’s Debate

You know what they aren’t asking? They aren’t asking anything about Hillary’s past leadership (you know what we mean). The questions are incredibly left sided. Even so, pretty sure Trump can handle himself. Don’t you think so?

What questions do you want to see asked? Help make sure pressing issues for conservatives are represented — go to Presidential Open Questions and vote for existing questions and/or add new ones.

By Michelle Jesse

Liberal activist groups are mobilizing their supporters to stack the lineup of questions with ones hostile to Trump. Sunday’s questions and questioners will be pre-screened, and as part of the process for selecting questions and topics, CNN and ABC News have “agreed to consider the Top 30 questions voted up” on the website “Presidential Open Questions.”

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As The Daily Caller reports:

Liberals are attempting to vote up questions that they think would entrap Trump.

One of the top vote-getting questions so far include one from a 6-year-old whose parents are illegal aliens.

The question, from a user identified as Sophie Cruz from California, reads, “If you deport my parents, what happens to me? I am 6 years old and an American citizen. I have a 3 year old sister who is also an American. My heart is very sad, because I’m scared that ICE is going to deport my undocumented mommy and daddy.”

The question currently sits at No. 28, and would therefore qualify for consideration by the moderators.

The group “Define American,” co-founded by journalist and illegal alien Jose Antonio Vargas, produced the above video for Sophie Cruz and is pushing hard to vote up the question. They are mobilizing celebrities and activists to achieve that goal.

Once again, liberals show no shame in manipulating a child to further their agenda.

Sincere? Or just reading the script she was given? Not bashing the little girl, who does appear to be a sweet and dear child; rather, the attempts to depict this scenario as anything other than a political ad.

As The Daily Caller notes, many of the other top vote-getting questions also reveal their liberal stance:




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