BREAKING: Mexico Fireworks Market BLOWS UP, Multiple Casualties [VIDEO]

This is sad. It’s unclear what set the explosion off but because it happened in the fireworks market. It’s pretty clear how the explosion was fed. Please keep the victims in mind this Christmas season.

An explosion has ripped through Mexico’s best-known fireworks market on the northern outskirts of the capital, leaving at least 27 people dead and 70 injured.

The blast occurred around 2:50 pm Tuesday, destroying the open-air San Pablito Market in Tultepec, which had 300 stalls. Footage shows a huge plume of smoke billowing in the sky while fireworks keep going off and exploding mid-air.

Secondary explosions continued more than an hour afterwards, BNO News reported. Rescuers couldn’t enter for a while until the rockets were done exploding.

Some of the injured have burns on up to 90 per cent of their bodies. Some have other serious injuries. Officials and civilians were seen carrying away one of the injured while fireworks went off in the background.


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