BREAKING NEWS: Bomb Discovered at Shopping Mall

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 9.47.52 AMI’m guessing it was a radical Christian who planted the bomb.

A SHOPPING centre has been evacuated after a suspicious device was found in a bin.

The small incendiary device “ignited” at the shopping centre, causing shoppers to be evacuated.

The object “could have caused damage or injury” had it gone off, police have said.

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Police were called to the Fishergate Shopping Centre in Preston after a member of the public found the device in the toilets.

The device was being recovered by bomb disposal officers after the alarm was raised at around 9.10am, according to Chief Superintendent James Lee, South Division Commander for Preston.

One shopper, Adam Donnellan, tweeted: “Just been evacuated out of Preston fishergate shopping centre anyone heard anything? People running around like nut jobs.”

Lancashire Police said an evacuation was ordered “as a precaution” and that the shopping would be searched for any other devices to ensure it is “safe and secure” before it is reopened.

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