Harvard ‘Exam Hoax’: ‘Explosives’ Reported at 4 HARVARD Campus Buildings

article-2524667-1A252A5D00000578-802_634x438Students at Harvard University are evacuating four campus buildings after police received unconfirmed reports of explosives on Monday morning.

Authorities urged students at the Ivy League college in Cambridge, Masachusetts to leave the Science Center and three other buildings – Sever Hall, which contains classrooms for the humanities, Emerson Hall, the philosophy building, and a freshman dorm, Thayer Hall.

Harvard issued the emergency alert for students shortly after 9am on Monday. Its Twitter account noted that there have not been any reports of explosions.

The Harvard University Police Department and the Cambridge Police Department are on the scene and investigating but students have been advised to stand by for more information.

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‘The campus community will be notified through a variety of mechanisms including the Web, email and voicemail,’ the website said.

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