BREAKING NEWS: Freight Train Near D.C. Derails Leaking Hazardous Material That Can MELT Human Flesh

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 9.22.11 AMUnless you wish to have your skin burned off, you may wish to avoid this D.C. suburb area. Quite the clean up that needs to be done.

A CSX freight train carrying hazardous material derailed near the Rhode Island Avenue Metro Station early Sunday morning, according to a D.C. fire spokesman.

News4’s Mark Segraves reported an underground gas line was also ruptured during the derailment. Gas has been turned off, and it is unclear how many people are affected by the closure.

D.C. Assistant Fire Chief John Donnelly said one full tanker car containing sodium hydroxide ruptured, leaking chemical onto the track after the derailment. He was unsure how much chemical was spilled.

Sodium hydroxide is a highly corrosive chemical that can irritate and burn the skin and eyes. CSX says it is working with first responders to contain the chemical. Meyers said there was no danger to the public, and any fumes from the chemcial should not be a problem.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said 13 cars derailed, and CSX is in the cleanup phase of the incident. She said Metro would be inspecting the track, but it was not clear if future Metro operations would be affected.

Bowser said the tracks are also used by Amtrak and MARC services. She said Amtrak’s Capital Limited service, which runs daily between Washington and Chicago, is currently unavailable. MARC service on the Brunswick Line, which runs from Washington to Brunswick, Maryland, with continuing service to Martinsburg, West Virginia, also uses those tracks.

Bowser said the Federal Railroad Administration would be the lead investigators into the derailment. Officials did not know how long clean up would take or when normal rail operations would resume.

The mayor expected Rhode Island Avenue to be reopened soon.

Doug Buchanan, a spokesman for the D.C fire department, said there are no evacuations of residents and no call for shelter in place. Rhode Island Avenue is shut down for motorists in the area.


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