BREAKING NEWS: Police Surround French Terror Suspect–Now Barricaded & Armed in Apartment

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 9.35.04 AMHopefully he doesn’t have explosives with him in that apartment. My money is on the fact they found the right guy though, don’t you think?

French counter-terrorism police have surrounded an apartment in Paris after a known extremist armed with a knife allegedly barricaded himself inside the property.

The man holed up inside the building is reportedly known intelligence services for his links to ISIS and may have previously travelled to Syria.

A family member of the suspect contacted the police, informing them that the man is carrying a knife and has locked himself inside in the building.

A police source has told French media that the man is understood to have psychiatric problems and his family have previously tried to persuade him to seek professional help.

The man has not been named, but has reportedly been ‘in the process of radicalisation’, according to the Daily Star.

The dramatic scenes comes after four suspected extremists were detained by police in the Belgian city of Antwerp.


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